2022 Cost-Of-Living Adjustment

It was announced on October 13th, 2021 that the cost of living has increased by 5.9%. What does this mean for Social Security Benefits? Social Security Benefits typically increase to stay in line with inflation. An estimated 70 million beneficiaries in America will receive a 5.9% increase in Social Security Income

Mail Mail Mail

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It’s that time of the year. When the Medicare mail starts flooding in and cluttering your mailbox, inbox, and answering machine. As the stack of envelopes on your kitchen counter grows taller and taller, wouldn’t it be nice to just throw it all away and not think about it again? 


Life Insurance Awareness Month

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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month; a campaign sponsored by industry leaders used to educate and inform consumers about life insurance and the value it holds for you and your loved ones. We look forward to being a part of that campaign as we champion the importance of being protected
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WARNING: Infomercials Ahead!

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From the month of September, all the way through December, the country is exposed to an onslaught of commercials advertising Medicare plans with premiums and benefits that seem too good to be true. We at SBS want to remind all Medicare beneficiaries that if it seems too good to be


Medicare Part B Give-Back

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The Medicare Part B Reduction, or as it’s commonly called, the “Medicare Part B give-back”, reduces the amount of premium you have to pay for Part B of Medicare, and is advertised as readily available to all Americans. The truth is, few plans offer this benefit and there are trade-offs


“Welcome to Medicare” Preventive Visit: What you need to know!

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Did you know that within the first 12 months of having Medicare Part B, you are given a preventative visit as a “Welcome to Medicare” bonus? Here’s what you should know! During the visit a review of your medical and social history will be looked over and preventative measures and
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Ensure financial stability for your Future…

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Many people prepare for the major events of life. They save their money for college tuition, weddings, a down payment on a house, the birth of a child, and much more. But with all the preparation we put into the events of life, we can often overlook the events that


5 Ways to Save Money on Prescriptions

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Prescription drugs are an important part of many people’s Medicare plans. But as prices fluctuate every year, many are left paying more for their prescriptions than the year before. This can make many people dread the trip to the pharmacy counter, even to the point of not taking their prescribed


Dental Care Awareness

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May is National Dental Care awareness month. Since dental hygiene is so important to our overall health, we wanted to highlight some statistics and tips to help us all take care of our “pearly whites” a little bit better. Oral Health Statistics according to the National Institute of Dental and
Telehealth Consultation

Medicare Telehealth is Here to Stay

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In 2020, the script was completely rewritten for healthcare. The coronavirus pandemic forced healthcare institutions and providers to adjust on the fly. Not only learning how to battle a devastating virus, but also determining how to safely deliver routine care and checkups to patients. This has been a major concern
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Happy Earth Day!

This planet we live on is incredible, don’t you agree? So how do we keep it that way?? Here are a few ideas for adjustments you can make in your day-to-day: Grab a bag and pick up trash on your daily walksWait until you have a full load to run

SBS: A Better Model of Care

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Senior Benefit Services has been serving Medicare beneficiaries since 1975. We’ve helped thousands of people along the way, and we’ve learned that our success doesn’t come from selling Medicare policies, but rather from the care we give our clients. We’ve developed our model of care over decades, and have created