After dedicating your adult life to a career, retiring can seem overwhelming in its own ways. While having the time to do and try new things is one of the many joys that comes with retiring, figuring out what you want to do can be challenging. Procrastinating on your choices before making a decision can cause what is known as decision paralysis – we’ve all been there!

If you are having a hard time deciding what to do with all your newfound free time, perhaps trying something totally new would invigorate you. Creative outlets are a great way to keep your body active and mind sharp. According to Lesley University, creative activities can lead to improved mental and physical health outcomes. Creativity is a skill we foster in children, why should that stop as adults?

Even if you’ve never tried anything creative before, it’s never too late to start! In today’s blog, we’ll list some suggestions for creative activities you could start doing to boost your quality of life and create a little joy.

Join a ceramics class

Making cool things out of clay is an activity as old as humanity itself, with a rich history going back tens of thousands of years. Today, we have instruments, tools, and resources that make ceramics a highly accessible creative hobby. Since ceramics equipment can be expensive, we’d recommend finding a local ceramics shop near you that offers classes. As is true with other forms of craftsmanship such as woodworking and blacksmithing, ceramics can give you that rewarding sense of making something new and useful. Handmade ceramics make for great gifts too!

Start painting

For those who paint, it’s not about the skill or technique – it’s about the joy of making something new. Painting is a relatively accessible creative activity that just requires patience, both with yourself and with your project. You’d be surprised how fast you can improve!

Learn a musical instrument

Music is something that can unite all of us. Nowadays, there are plenty of resources for anyone looking to pick up an instrument and teach themselves to play. Some of the more popular instruments for seniors to learn include the piano, ukulele, drums, and guitar!

When it comes to creativity, the sky’s hardly the limit. If you can think of something new entirely that would foster your creativity, all the better!


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