Winter is coming!

With that comes a little prep work from you… here are a few things that we suggest you do to get your home and vehicles winterized for the upcoming months:

The Home

  1. Cleaning out the Gutters: Clean out all the debris from summer and fall and make sure your gutters are ready for snow and icy conditions.
  1. Seal Cracks around Windows and Doors: Stay warm this winter by inspecting windows and doors for possible cracks. Weather strips are a good option for keeping out the cold.
  1. Trimming Trees: Make sure that all trees near your home are cut back and able to handle any winter storms that come your way.
  1. Check all Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors: Keep your loved ones safe and make sure the batteries on carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are charged to help prevent any fire or unknown monoxide leaks from happening.
  1. Check Fire Extinguisher: It’s a smart move to have a full fire extinguisher that is up to date during the winter months. Talk to your loved ones and make sure the household is trained to handle a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency.
  1. Plan for De-Icing and Snowy Conditions: Keep candles, blankets, batteries, water, and a food stock ready for any winter emergencies. Never be caught unprepared for a power outage and severe snow storm.
  1. Clean Chimney: Clean out any chimney buildup from previous years to prevent any fire hazards and prepare for the first cold day of the year!
  1. Turn off Outdoor Faucets: Check outdoor faucets for any drips or leaks and if not needed during the cold months, keep turned off to ensure that your pipes won’t freeze.
  1. Always have a backup plan for any wintery occasion!

The Vehicles

  1. Switch to Winter Tires: Winter tires are the safest choice for the cold season. Strong traction will keep you safe when driving on snow, rain, or ice.
  1. Keep Gas Tanks at least Half Full: Always make sure to have a half tank of gas when you know that temperatures will drop below freezing, this prevents your gas line from freezing up.
  1. Install Winter Wipers: Winter wipers will prevent a buildup of ice accumulating on the rubber, a tool you will be glad to have when the first ice storm comes!
  1. Keep Washer Fluid Full: Replace your washer fluid often and make sure it can combat snow and ice buildup on your windshields. This will save you when running late for work, doctors appointments, or meeting up with a friend.
  1. Always keep a winter safety kit on hand with you in the car!


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