Recovery from an unexpected accident or illness in a hospital or nursing home can be uncomfortable, not to mention expensive. As recovery care costs continue to rise1, it’s important for even the healthiest Medicare beneficiary to be prepared for anything. 

While it’s hard to control whether or not you need medical assistance, the good news is you can control where your recovery takes place. Home Health Care plans are a great option to help you recover in the comfort of your own home, while still providing the same level of medical services you’d receive in a hospital.

Home Health Care (HHC) plans offer the same therapies and medical treatments offered in hospitals, like Physical, Speech, and Respiratory therapies. But come without the additional annoyances like family visitation hours, sharing a room, and eating your meals from a tray. You can instead recover surrounded by family and friends, knowing the costs are covered by your plan.

Similar to a Hospital Indemnity Plan, a Home Health Care plan gives you the option to choose your benefit amount (the amount you receive each day to help pay for HHC expenses), as well as your benefit period (how many days you want to be covered). Some plans even offer additional riders such as ambulance coverage and prescription drug reimbursement that you can add to your HHC plan. With HHC plans you pay a small monthly premium which, in the case of an unexpected accident or illness, could give you thousands of dollars of benefits.

If you want to learn more about all the recovery options available to you, contact your local SBS agent to learn more!  



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