It’s that time of the year. When the Medicare mail starts flooding in and cluttering your mailbox, inbox, and answering machine. As the stack of envelopes on your kitchen counter grows taller and taller, wouldn’t it be nice to just throw it all away and not think about it again? 

The clients at Senior Benefit Services get to do exactly that! We’ve laid out the 5 reasons you can ignore the Medicare mail when you become an SBS client. 

  1. Since SBS remains at the forefront of the Medicare industry, we’re always aware of the new plans, announcements, incentives, and offers available to our clients. If it’s available to you, we already know about it!
  1. SBS agents are local to your community. Since many plans vary by county, the information you receive in the mail might not apply to your specific location. Having a local agent who knows which plans are available for you is the safest choice to receive proper coverage.
  1. Many of the letters you receive in the mail are from companies trying to get you to buy their plan. But since Senior Benefit Services is a broker with access to over 50 insurance companies, we have an unbiased opinion on which plan you should purchase. We want our clients to become clients for life, so they should always be on whichever plan is right for them!
  1. Senior Benefit Services is a thought leader in the Medicare industry. We’ve been in business for over 46 years, and as one of the largest retiree insurance organizations in the nation, we are experts in product trends, government policies, carrier services, and most importantly, how they affect you. 
  1. We schedule annual reviews! You can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll hear from your agent at least once per year to make sure your Medicare coverage is still right for you. We are always happy to discuss your coverage options and stay up to date with your situation.

With a company like SBS, your Medicare insurance will always be taken care of. So go ahead, throw that stack of brochures in the trash! As your agency for life we’ll be here as your resource for all things Medicare.

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