From now, all the way through December, the country is exposed to an onslaught of commercials advertising Medicare plans with premiums and benefits that seem too good to be true. We at SBS want to remind all Medicare beneficiaries that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

The truth is that while these infomercials have spokesmen like NFL legends or TV personalities advertising their plans, the actual benefits and coverage that these plans offer can often create big problems for many retirees. High out-of-pocket expenses, loss of preferred doctors/pharmacies, and poor customer service are just a few of the experiences that many people can expect when they sign up for a plan purchased off of television. Here are some tips we give retirees to help them avoid these situations.

  1. Mute the TV during commercial breaks. Not only will this prevent you from hearing the same message possibly multiple times a day, but it will help you keep peace of mind by not having to listen to the false advertisements.
  1. Find a LOCAL expert. Since many Medicare plans change depending on your location, we always suggest going to a local Medicare expert to discuss your coverage. Someone familiar with the plans in your area is the safest bet to find the right plan for you.
  1. Work with someone who cares. The hard truth is that the call centers who work with the infomercial plans won’t take the time to care about your coverage after you sign up. But working with an SBS agent who checks in with you year after year will help ensure you’re always in the right plan for you. 

SBS believes that you deserve a level of service to accompany your Medicare that the large call centers simply can’t provide. Our local Medicare experts are prepared and excited to help you with all your Medicare needs. Schedule your Free consultation today and have the peace of mind to mute the commercials, knowing your health insurance is taken care of by SBS. 

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