COVID-19 is a pandemic that has affected millions of American lives this year. The government has been taking steps to implement social distancing for the safety of all Americans. Likewise, Senior Benefit Services has taken precautions to work from home. We want to ensure that our clients stay as healthy as possible. During these hard and uncertain times, we have created an interactive list of things you could do at home: 

  1. Read a book that you have always wanted to read
  2. Start a challenging puzzle
  3. Watch movies and TV shows 
  4. Bake a sweet treat 
  5. Arts and crafts 
  6. Board games with household family
  7. Download an app and learn a new language
  8. Exercise in the comfort of your own home
  9. Learn new recipes 
  10. Rest and sleep (take advantage!) 

Additionally, SBS wants to raise awareness of some benefits that seniors may find throughout this time. Grocery stores are holding special hours for individuals that are in the older age category. Some services are delivering groceries for a small fee, such as Instacart. The individual delivering your groceries will leave them at your front door. 

If you find yourself having any questions regarding your Medicare plan, please give us a call at 800-627-2768. Please know that our agents are looking forward to speaking with you. In the meantime, stay healthy and entertained!

Written by Daniela Correa


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