Are you planning on moving or relocating somewhere? Moving can be an exciting time in your life, but there are essential steps to take when it comes to factoring your Medicare Plan into that. At SBS, we want to make sure our our clients are aware of these certain requirements so that we can help them eliminate a lot of stress before, during, and after the move!

It is important to understand that not all parts of Medicare are transferable through state lines. Medicare Part C (also known as Medicare Advantage) and Medicare Part D (also known as Prescription Drug Coverage) are all based on what county and state you reside in. To avoid any issues when you move, you should reach out to your agent first, then Medicare to ensure your moving process is simple.

A Medicare holder is granted a special election period to change their Part D or Medicare Advantage Plan if they move into another state. If a Medicare provider is notified one month before the move, then the opportunity to switch will start one month before the move date and will extend for two months after the moving month. If the provider isn’t notified until after the move, you only get three months to make the switch.

If you are currently enrolled in a Medicare Supplement Plan, your policy may also change in price depending on where your moving destination is. There are certain aspects of Medicare that remain the same regardless of location. Part A and B will stay the same because it is a federal benefit that is given. 

At Senior Benefit Services, we look forward to helping our clients with the moving process. When you call us to notify us about your future move, we can assist you in picking the most fitting plan for you. Call today about any moving and Medicare questions!

Written by Daniela Correa


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