…with Recovery Care!


There are many options when it comes to where you recover after time in the hospital, and a Recovery Care Insurance Plan can help ensure that happens!

What is a Recovery Care Insurance Plan?

  • Assistance needed to recover from an accident, illness, or surgery
  • Rehabilitation from a Hospital Stay
  • Terminal Medical Condition

Different Recovery Care Options:

  • Skilled nursing facility for sub-acute rehabilitation.
  • Go home and receive in-home assisted care and therapy.
  • Go home with no home care, but receive therapy as an out-patient in a private practice or hospital.

Consider These Facts:

70% Of seniors (Over 65) need some form of recovery care during their lifetime.*
69 Days Is the average length of service required for Home Health Care.**
270 Days Is the average stay in a nursing home before discharge.***
79%/74% Of men/women stay in a nursing home LESS than 1 year.****

*, **, ***, ****


Protection from Financial Burden:

Only 9% Of skilled nursing home care, on average, is covered by Medicare.
91% Of nursing home care, on average, is covered by the patient. (YOU!)

Medicare reimburses hospitals on a pre-determined, fixed amount. This provides incentives for hospitals to serve patients more efficiently – which reduces length of stay in hospital and increases need for Home Health Care / Skilled Nursing Facilities*

*Heath Care Financial Review

It Can Cost:

$5,940 for a semi-private room in a nursing home (per month).* $6,570 for a private room in a nursing home (per month).*
$3,131 for care in an assisted living facility (1 bedroom unit, per month).* $5,040 for home health aide; $4,110 for homemaker services (per month). *
$2,010 for care in an adult day health care center (per month).* * **Monthly calculation based on average daily rate times 30 days.

How Will You Pay?

  • Private Pay – you (or family members) pay for all costs out-of-pocket
  • Medicare Supplement – pays only what’s approved by Medicare
  • Private Insurance Recovery Care – policies for this are affordable and can be tailored to fit YOUR budget, even on fixed income

Call an SBS agent today to get a recovery care insurance plan in place for when the unexpected happens!