Peggy Gray

Licensed Agent

Proudly serving Medicare Beneficiaries in Colorado

About Peggy Gray:

I moved from Germany to Georgia, then to Pennsylvania and finally to Colorado Springs in 1976. I come from a military family. I raised 5 beautiful kids here (see photo) and now have 12 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.

I moved from Colorado Springs up to the beautiful town of Greeley, CO in May of 2023. We are loving the small-town feel, the small-town atmosphere, that still gives us everything we need that is in the big cities without the traffic.

As a Senior myself, I am well aware of the hurdles, the confusion, the misconceptions surrounding Medicare. With all the changes that happen each year with each carrier, I never felt as if I had someone that really was “My Person”: the person I could go to with any questions or concerns. Before I found Senior Benefit Services I dreaded that time of year. It was just easier to go along with what I had because if I talked to someone, they would be selling me “their plan” – Not  coverage that would really benefit me and cover my needs.

Then I met Jeremy Mueller with Senior Benefit Services and he made me realize I could BE that “Person” for other Seniors. So here I am, with a passion to help other Seniors find the coverage that really is the best for them and their needs.

Give me a call!  Senior to senior, let’s get you the coverage you need. Let me be “Your Person”.

We are here to answer your questions!

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See what others are saying:

“The personal one-on-one contact and that I have always felt your sincere desire to offer the best options to us has given us confidence in making the right decision(s). Although we started out within 3-4 miles from the office, we are now over 620 miles away and you were willing to make sure you could continue to serve and help us. We are appreciative.” – James, Customer Since 2012


“It is not so much what you “did” right, it is what you are doing right. Insurance is something I know very little about, and really don’t have the luxury of time to research and learn about it, nor do I really want to. So, knowing your reputation for reliability, dependability, and honesty, I place my complete trust in you for taking care of my family’s insurance needs. I have never been disappointed with you, your staff, or your company in your ability to determine my needs, and find coverage within my budget. I know that you get to know your clients personally and you take a personal interest in each and every one, which as a small business owner – I know is not always an easy task to do with every client, but this is exactly what you are doing “right” and this is why you have completely trust – and I don’t have to worry about my insurance needs” – Gary, Customer Since 2013