…with a Hospital Indemnity Plan (HIP)!

Why should you care about Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

A Hospital Indemnity Insurance plan provides cash benefits to use for the medical expenses and out-of-pocket costs that are not covered by primary insurance plans.

Quick Statistic: The average hospital stay is 5 days at the staggering cost of $19,700.00.*

Being admitted to the hospital is hopefully something you and your family will never have to experience. However, if you are admitted to the hospital, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I have enough money set aside to cover the costs associated with a hospital stay?
  • What if I have to be in the hospital for a week or more?
  • How will I pay the expenses that accumulate with each day I am in the hospital?

The total can quickly become overwhelming for a family. Will you be able to afford all of the non-covered medical expenses as well as indirect costs such as family lodging, transportation and meals if you are confined to the hospital for an extended period?

A Hospital Indemnity Insurance plan pays regardless of any other insurance you may have and can be used to offset these and other non-covered medical expenses. If something should happen and you or your loved one had to enter the hospital for an inpatient treatment, wouldn’t a little extra insurance coverage and preparation give you peace of mind?

Hospital Indemnity Insurance is a convenient and affordable way to supplement your health care coverage that pays benefits when you need them the most.

*Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project – Facts and Figures: Statistics on hospital-based care in the United States, 2005.