Drew Morrison

Executive Sales Director // Licensed Agent

Proudly serving Medicare Beneficiaries in Missouri, Colorado & Kansas


About Drew Morrison:

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to check out our team at Senior Benefit Services! I have been a part of SBS since late 2014. I have been a KC kid all my life. Graduated from Blue Springs South High School and William Jewell College. I live in Independence, MO with my wonderful wife, Danielle. I greatly enjoy being a SBS Agent because it allows me to truly help so many people navigate the complexities of Medicare. I look forward to helping you!

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See what others are saying:

"Although I definitely know how to read and follow most instructions, I don't understand medicare policies. Also, I can't keep up with all the changes, which complicates the situation. My Representative is pleasant, punctual, professional, informative, and able to answer virtually all my questions. Drew also makes himself available for updates and other questions at my convenience. I'm very blessed to have his guidance which helps me to make the best economical decisions for the best coverage.” - Customer Since 2016

"First, you educated me further and answered questions I had a about Medicare plans. Second, you asked me important questions about my Health to determine what plan is best for me and my budget. Third, you offered to service my account with updates on my policy , cost, and changes that my occur each year . Fourth, you extended the courtesy that I may call you af anytime with questions, concerns about my policy. Fifth, you are very courteous, punctual at the times we met and in returning my calls." - Karen, Customer Since 2016

“I am so happy with my choice to switch to SBS. Drew helped me save money and also have better coverage. He is outstanding with service and attention to detail and made my transition so easy.” - Peggy, Customer Since 2013