…with Cancer Coverage!


Cancer Insurance coverage is designed to fill the gaps in traditional health plans and can also include benefits associated with specified diseases or conditions such as strokes or heart attacks.

Cancer Facts:

1,685,210 NEW cancer cases in the United States in 2016* This number is expected to increase by 42% over the next decade.
60% Of these cases were individuals aged 65+.*
60% Of cancer survivors are OVER the age of 65. 2/3 of these survivors are expected to live 5 years after diagnosis.

While many positive steps have been made in cancer research, cancer treatments can be very expensive, and cancer coverage is very important.
Do you have the funds to pay for the hospital expenses, treatments, and prescriptions should you be diagnosed with cancer?

1/4 Of cancer patients put off tests/treatments due to cost.
1/5 Of these same survey responders had to use all or most of their savings on Cancer Care.
$4,800 Is the average cost of out-of-pocket expenses in the year following diagnosis.
$10,000 Is the average price of drugs for cancer treatment.

Other things to know:

67% of costs for Cancer treatment is related to indirect costs like:

  • Lodging, Meals, Deductibles, Childcare, Clothing, Transportation

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