Amanda McNerney

Brand & Marketing Director // Licensed Agent

Proudly serving Medicare Beneficiaries in Missouri



About Amanda McNerney:

What brought you to SBS?
I began my adventure with #teamSBS as a college intern where I obtained my insurance license and got to experience the sales side of the business. Once this ended, I began my role as an executive assistant where I got to experience the administrative side of the business. When Barnes Insurance Group officially transitioned names to Senior Benefit Services, there became a permanent need for someone to help with company branding – and you bet I was ready to take on that challenge!

What is your background?
1. Lake of the Ozarks, MO – born and raised
2. University of Missouri Business Graduate (GO TIGERS!)
3. “Wanna-be” Colorado Native and resident for the last 4 years

What do you like to do in your spare time?
“Never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”
I absolutely love spending my weekends hiking in the mountains, being with my family (+2 pups), and traveling. Some of my favorite memories are road trips around the US and to the National parks, but I also love a relaxing trip to the beach. Reading a good book is up there too 🙂

Who has inspired you?
My parents. I know that sounds cliché, but seriously, these two are the hardest working people I know. They taught me that to get where you want in life, you have to work for it, and they have always pushed me step out of my comfort zone to achieve my wildest dreams.

What is your favorite comfort food?
Cupcakes… hands down! If I’m having a rough day, bring me a cupcake and I assure you I will be instantly healed!


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“The personal one-on-one contact and that I have always felt your sincere desire to offer the best options to us has given us confidence in making the right decision(s). Although we started out within 3-4 miles from the office, we are now over 620 miles away and you were willing to make sure you could continue to serve and help us. We are appreciative.” – James, Customer Since 2012


“It is not so much what you “did” right, it is what you are doing right. Insurance is something I know very little about, and really don’t have the luxury of time to research and learn about it, nor do I really want to. So, knowing your reputation for reliability, dependability, and honesty, I place my complete trust in you for taking care of my family’s insurance needs. I have never been disappointed with you, your staff, or your company in your ability to determine my needs, and find coverage within my budget. I know that you get to know your clients personally and you take a personal interest in each and every one, which as a small business owner – I know is not always an easy task to do with every client, but this is exactly what you are doing “right” and this is why you have completely trust – and I don’t have to worry about my insurance needs” – Gary, Customer Since 2013