Max Stewart

Area Sales Director // Licensed Agent

Proudly serving Medicare Beneficiaries in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming

About Max Stewart:

Choosing the right Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan can be difficult and time consuming. My name is Max Stewart and I help folks in the Denver community save time, money, and headaches when it comes to selecting their health insurance.

As an insurance broker contracted with over 30 insurance carriers, my clients benefit from my knowledge of the plans available to Medicare beneficiaries here in Denver. Whether you are new to Medicare or have had Medicare for years, my services provide peace of mind knowing that your plan is the right plan for YOU. Call me today and allow me to make sure you are receiving all of the benefits and savings that may be available to you!

We are here to answer your questions!

Our consultations are FREE, and we are happy to answer any questions you have about your benefits or coverage. To see if you are getting all the benefits and savings that are available to you, please complete the following form. In 5 minutes over the phone or via email, we can compare your rates and benefits!

By responding to this form, I understand a sales agent may contact me by telephone, email or mail to discuss Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.


See what others are saying:

“When Max came to talk with me about my Health Insurance and Life Insurance, he was very knowledgeable, thorough. informative, patient, and charismatic. I will recommend him to my acquaintances in the future.” – Lydia, Customer Since 2016


“Max is a very formidable young man. He carefully walked us through finding the correct insurance for our needs. I feel he went out of his way to get it just right for us. He was on time he was kind and courteous and we enjoyed having him in our home.” – Judy, Customer Since 2016


“First off, it was that you were not pushy. Secondly it was because you took the time to look us up from a card we had mailed in, that we purposely left our phone number off of, as we did not want solicitation calls, but just wanted to get the information in the mail. Thirdly, you, listened to what I had to say, and how adamant I was about what I was not willing to do, yet even when you understood what I was saying, you were still saying you thought you could help us, and lastly it was your enthusiasm and belief in what you do, and actually showing that you could really help us, and that you did, plus the absolute assurance that you would always be there for us no matter what. That alone gave us the peace of not having to worry about our future, GREAT JOB MAX!!!!” – Shirley, Customer Since 2015


“Max Stewart is excellent, and makes the complicated world of insurance understandable. He goes out of his way to help me, and I greatly appreciate that. I would highly recommend him.” – Pat B, customer since 2016


“Max is a godsend – has detailed and complete answers to all questions on Medicare supplemental insurance options. I recommend him regularly to my friends as they approach age 65 or who have questions on supplemental insurance.” – George C., customer since 2017