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About Keri Niegsch:

“Hello there! I’m Keri Niegsch, and I’m on a mission to simplify the world of Medicare insurance for you. As an SBS agent I am someone who understands the challenges of choosing the right insurance plan, I am committed to guiding you through every step of the process. My passion lies in empowering individuals like you to make informed decisions about your healthcare coverage, ensuring that you have access to the benefits you deserve. A little about me: I was born and raised in Central Kansas. In 2006, my husband and I moved to SE Kansas to raise our family. We have 3 kids, Storm, Korbin and Blakely. They keep me busy with their school and sporting events. In my spare time, I enjoy walking my 4 dogs, being outside and traveling. If you are turning 65 soon or are already on Medicare and want to review your coverage, I would love to help. I’m looking forward to working with you! “

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See what others are saying:

“The personal one-on-one contact and that I have always felt your sincere desire to offer the best options to us has given us confidence in making the right decision(s). Although we started out within 3-4 miles from the office, we are now over 620 miles away and you were willing to make sure you could continue to serve and help us. We are appreciative.” – James, Customer Since 2012


“I appreciate how quick and thorough all questions were answered and how Mr. Guier even offered to speak to the doctor’s office when they told us they couldn’t find our new insurance company in their database. Top notch service!” – Milton, Customer Since 2017


“It is not so much what you “did” right, it is what you are doing right. Insurance is something I know very little about, and really don’t have the luxury of time to research and learn about it, nor do I really want to. So, knowing your reputation for reliability, dependability, and honesty, I place my complete trust in you for taking care of my family’s insurance needs. I have never been disappointed with you, your staff, or your company in your ability to determine my needs, and find coverage within my budget. I know that you get to know your clients personally and you take a personal interest in each and every one, which as a small business owner – I know is not always an easy task to do with every client, but this is exactly what you are doing “right” and this is why you have completely trust – and I don’t have to worry about my insurance needs” – Gary, Customer Since 2013