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About Chris Mark:

Hi! My name is Chris Mark. Since graduating from the University of Missouri, I have worked for Senior Benefit Services while living in St. Louis, MO. I am dedicated to helping seniors better understand how Medicare works, making sure they are getting all the opportunities available, and offering them competitive rates for their insurance needs.

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See what others are saying:

“Being new to Medicare and feeling overwhelmed about it, Chris explained everything in detail to my satisfaction. I would never have known about your company if Chris had not taken the time to come to our door, introduce himself, and hand me his card explaining the Medicare services provided by your company. I have already passed along the information to two of my friends turning 65 this year.” – Marla, Customer Since 2016


“Chris, I like your input on what insurance to have as I trust your judgement and decisions. You put your clients’ interests “first” and simplify getting insurance. I look forward to speaking with you as I know I will be told the truth.” – Robert, Customer Since 2011


“Chris Mark came several times to our home and has been available via phone and email. This frequent communication has been very informative, helpful, and appreciated. Chris Mark has guided by wife and me through the somewhat confusing maze of Social Security and Medicare. We will be contacting Chris again in the near future as we need his advice in our successful planning. He is great.” – Stephen, Customer Since 2015