Have you ever been presented with what felt like an impossible decision to make? If you need to undergo surgery due to a medical condition, for example, the choice of treatment can be overwhelming. Here’s the kicker; you may have more options than you think.

If a doctor recommends surgery to treat a condition, you have the right to what is called a second opinion. A second opinion is exactly that; another doctor’s professional, medical perspective on your health. This can be incredibly useful for learning more information about your treatment and possibly settling on another way to move forward.

As long as the treatment in question is medically necessary, second opinions are covered through Medicare Part B. Through Original Medicare, that still leaves you with 20% after the yearly deductible. Medicare Advantage also protects your right to a second opinion, but some plans may require a written referral to another doctor before covering your second opinion visit.

If both doctors disagree on what is the correct treatment, you have the right to a third opinion from another doctor. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, remember to ensure that any doctor you see for a second or third opinion is in-network so that your insurance does the heavy lifting on all payments.

After hearing from multiple physicians, the one who makes the choice is you. You have the right to choose what treatment you undergo, and who will provide that treatment. Through the process of gathering a second opinion, you can learn so much about your treatment, as well as things your previous doctor might not have clarified. That’s all a second opinion can do; give you more information so that an impossible decision is easier to make.