It’s 2022! With the new year under way, we hope you are taking some time to reimagine yourself and find some positive and exciting new year’s resolutions to bring with you into the new year. While we know resolutions can be stressful and hard to implement, we believe they can also be fun and bring about a new enjoyment to your life. Here are a few new years resolutions that might make you excited for a New Year, New You!

  1. Plan a trip:

Who doesn’t love to plan a trip? During the new year, a trip with family, friends, or even a trip by yourself to a dream location would be the perfect way to rejuvenate and motivate you for the new year. Go somewhere on your bucket list or pick a local location that you love!

2. Remember your family:

2022 is the perfect year to gather family photo albums, create a family tree, or visit an ancestral location! Knowing your family heritage is essential to knowing where you come from and seeing all the growth that has taken place for you and your family. These will be precious memories and moments to pass along to your children and your children’s children.

3. Take a picture every day:

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and from January 1st toDecember 31st, you can take a picture of yourself, of an event, or of anything that will document your day and what you are doing. At the end of the year, take a look back at all your photos and the amazing times you’ve had!

4. Try a new hobby:

A new hobby is a great resolution to have! Take horse riding lessons, try your hand at baking, join a reading club, or get involved in your community. Try something you’ve always wanted to do; it might surprise you how good you are at it!

5. Try something that scares you:

Okay, just hear us out first… swimming with sharks! Nono no, we are not asking you to do anything dangerous. However, a little adrenaline is good for the body. We suggest riding that roller coaster, meeting someone new, or trying new foods. Get outside of your comfort zone in 2022!

Happy New Year SBS family! We hope these ideas give you some motivation to start a resolution in the new year.

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