Since the beginning of COVID-19, the health industry has changed greatly to fit the needs of all patients, young and old. One of the biggest developments made to the healthcare system that is being revolutionized to change the delivery of healthcare is telehealth; a form of communication that allows for patients and doctors to visit via video chat or instant messaging.

Immediate access to your doctor can be crucial during a pandemic or any healthcare emergency, and with telehealth, the distance between you and your doctor is no longer a burden. With telehealth taking on such an important role in the healthcare industry, we want to make sure to answer your questions about this service and how your Medicare plan will cover it.

In your original Medicare Plan, you pay 20% of the approved amount for a doctor’s visitor other health care service. For most telehealth services through your medicare plan, you can expect to pay the same 20% of the approved amount for this service as well. While the support of telehealth through your Medicare Plan is often intended for patients living in rural areas, certain settings and conditions might give you access to telehealth coverage despite where you live, including:

●End-Stage Renal Disease visits for home dialysis

●Services provided for diagnosis, evaluation, or treatment for an acute stroke

●Services to treat a substance abuse disorder or an occuring mental health disorder

●Certain emergency visits at home

●Physical and occupational therapy services at home or away from the doctors office.

Make sure to check with your doctor or health care facility to see what additional telehealth benefits they might offer. Some healthcare providers have also chosen to reduce or waive the amount you pay for a telehealth visit. We also encourage all patients and customers looking for a telehealth service to be wary of fraud. Don’t set an appointment or accept benefits from anyone contacting you for a telehealth appointment without them being a known provider. If you have questions about fraudulent actions or any questions regarding your coverage for telehealth, call us today!

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