July 12, 2021


Did you know that within the first 12 months of having Medicare Part B, you are given a preventative visit as a “Welcome to Medicare” bonus? Here’s what you should know!

During the visit a review of your medical and social history will be looked over and preventative measures and services will be given related to your health.

You will have access to:

  • Certain screenings, flu and pneumococcal shots
  • Height, weight, blood pressure measurements, BMI calculations
  • A vision test
  • Preventative review of depression and your safety going forward
  • An offer to talk about creating advance directives
  • You will leave with a written plan discussing any future screenings, shots, or preventative services you might need.

When you are ready to make your visit within the first 12 months of Part B, give your doctor a call and tell them that you are scheduling your “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit. Make sure you bring medical records, immunization shot records, important family health history, and a list of all prescriptions you are taking at the time of the visit.  

The best part of the visit is that you pay nothing for your “Welcome to Medicare” visit as long as your doctor accepts the service being offered by Medicare. If any additional testing or services are given during the visit that fall outside of the normal protocol, additional cost may be required.

Remember you get 12 months, go schedule your visit today!

Tip: Make sure to ask lots of questions about certain services or tests recommended for you and if Medicare will cover the cost of suggested plans and treatments.


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