A Quick Word from David McNerney….

Our wonderful little company was born in 1975… what were you up to in 1975? I wasn’t working yet, but I began soon after in 1982. A few things have certainly changed in those 4 decades…

Here are just a few random examples:
– Internet… World Wide Web…what’s that? Nope I didn’t have it when I started in my insurance career.
– Cell phone…hmm..nope. I made client calls when needed from pay phones using loose change to pay for the call.
– Loan interest rates…yep, slightly different. My first new car loan in 1982 or 83 had an interest rate tied to it of somewhere around 15%. The good news is the brand new sticker price of a beautiful Toyota Corolla was around $10,000.00… slightly different than todays new car prices.
– I spent 3-4 nights per week working away from home and had a weekly hotel bill…… the hotel bill averaged around $20 per night.
– Has anyone heard of CWA (Cash With App?) That’s how most of our sales were tracked ….we rarely picked up a monthly premium… 98% of our sales were sold on an annual billing basis.
– The cost of a Medicare supplement in 1982 was $425 annually. They average anywhere from $70 to $270 monthly these days.
– No podcasts for motivation… we utilized cassette tapes!

So things have changed just a little …. Mostly all for the better for sure………

Wow! 46 years of making a difference in hundreds of thousands of lives. It’s amazing when I think about how many lives have been affected in a positive way either through interaction with one of our agents or one of our team members within the office. The carrier relationships we have had for 46 years, the thousands of strategic alliance relationship we have built the charities and gifts that have helped so many throughout those 46 years.

It makes me extremely excited to see where the next year (or 46) will take us!

David McNerney

Owner, Managing Partner

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