As we reach a full calendar year of the Coronavirus pandemic, the news of effective vaccines and ramped up testing brings a sense of hope and relief for the months to come. However, the testing and vaccination programs can also bring confusion and uncertainty to many Medicare Beneficiaries. We at Senior Benefit Services always want our clients to remain informed and aware of all the health services available to them, so we’ve laid out the cold hard facts when it comes to Covid-19 testing and vaccinations. 

Covid-19 Tests:

According to, Medicare Part B will cover Covid-19 tests at no cost to you. This includes Medicare Advantage plans, which are required by law to match the basic coverage of Original Medicare Part B.

This coverage includes tests at a laboratory, pharmacy, doctor, hospital, and some “parking lot” test sites.  

“Medicare also covers Covid-19 antibody tests, and Covid-19 monoclonal antibody treatments.” (1)

Covid-19 Vaccine:

Medicare Part B and Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) will cover the Covid-19 vaccine. advises to bring your Medicare card to your appointment so your doctor or pharmacy can bill Medicare.

What if I only have Medicare Part A?

“If you have Medicare Part A only, you will pay nothing for the vaccine, however some providers may charge you for an administration fee. Ask your provider or pharmacy if they charge this fee before you make an appointment.” (2) 

Remember that each State and County are distributing the vaccine differently. Be sure to contact your local health department to ask if you’re eligible to receive the vaccine or put your name on a vaccination list.

Senior Benefit Services will continue to watch for any developments regarding Covid-19 and keep you up to date with all the information you need. We hope to be your resource for all things Medicare so please reach out with any questions! 




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