As we are sure you are aware, navigating Medicare can be time-consuming and CONFUSING. To help combat this, September 15th – 21st has been dubbed Medicare Education Week, which has become a nationally recognized time where groups around the country host events dedicated to helping beneficiaries make informed decisions about Medicare enrollment.

Whether you are nearing retirement and just beginning the transition into Medicare, or if you have been enrolled for a while now, we find that there is a lot to learn with this whole process. While we love the idea behind National Medicare Education Week, we also realize that 7 short days only just begins to cover all of the needs, questions, and people out there who are looking for a trusty Medicare resource.

That’s where we come in! At SBS, we make it our #1 priority to ensure all beneficiaries are receiving the services and support that should come along with their Medicare coverage.  In fact, we’ve been doing this since 1975 and we offer these services YEAR ROUND.

There are multiple routes you can take when determining which type of coverage is right for your needs and there are numerous companies who offer these options. Health status, budget, and lifestyle choices are also factors that play into the picture. It can be quite overwhelming to sort through all of that so we strive to help make the process as simple as possible.  We make sure our clients are educated on the different parts of Medicare and that they understand how their plan works.

If our client’s situation changes or if there is a shakeup in the marketplace, we quickly evaluate what steps are needed to guarantee they remain enrolled in the right plan for their needs. We are able to inform them of any new benefits that become available, to check that their doctor remains in network, and to assist in getting their medications covered. We also conduct these reviews annually so that our clients are continually taken care of and always putting their best foot forward.

Sometimes, just a simple review can save our clients hundreds of dollars per year. Any and all Medicare needs, whatever it may be – we are always here to help. PS – Did we mention we are local and that our consultations are FREE?!

Give us a call at 1-800-627-2768!

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