Traditional Medicare alone covers 80% of your medical bills, leaving the other 20% difference an out-of-pocket expense to you.

When it comes to supplementing your Medicare plan, you have a few different options:

Medicare Supplement Plans (MediGap)Medicare Advantage Plans
Uses:Original Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) & Part B (Medical Insurance) as primary insurance. MediGap becomes secondary coverage to fill that 20% gap.Instead of original Medicare, you will receive Hospital and Medical insurance from a private company which doubles as both your primary AND secondary coverage.
Include Prescription Coverage?No – You MUST have minimal essential prescription coverage and will therefore need to also pick a Part D Plan.Most Plans – This is an “all-encompassing” plan comprising of parts A, B, & D.
Premiums:Yes – Known as the “Pay Up Front” system.Little to None – Known as the “Pay as You Go” system.
Co-Pays:Little to NoneYes – Anytime you use this plan, you will have a bill.
Networks:None – Can use any doctor that accepts Medicare.Yes – Only a select number of doctors accept this plan.
Other Things to Know:All carriers of this plan offer uniform benefits. Plan F with one company is EXACTLY the same as Plan F with another company. The ONLY difference is the premiums they charge.May include additional Dental, Vision and Hearing benefits.
Guaranteed renewable.Not guaranteed, changes yearly.

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