We know that prescription drugs are essential to maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Senior Benefit Services takes measures to educate others on how to go about buying prescription drugs. Here are some money-saving tips and tricks to get the best value in your medications!

1) Try Generics:

Some individuals may think that generic drugs aren’t as effective as brand name drugs. In reality, generic drug brands carry the same active ingredients. According to the FDA, “the average generic price fall to 20% of the branded price and lower.” Always make sure to ask your pharmacist about generic drug options.

2) Order less of more:

In certain situations, you can order a double dose of a medication and split the tablet. You will have to ask your doctor about the guidelines regarding the ability to order a larger dosage. Some pills have lines for precision in splitting pills. At other times, some pharmacists can split your pills for you. When you explain your financial situation to your doctor, they may be able to arrange for you to receive larger doses.

3) Shop around:

Prescriptions price may vary from store to store. If you want to save money on your medications, make sure to compare pharmacies around you. Another great option is to join a mail-order alternative to save money and have it delivered straight to your home! This could work for you if you enjoy saying money in gas transportation and shipping costs.

4) Try a sample: 

Often, doctors can provide their patients with free sample medications to ensure that patients tolerate medications. During your next visit, make sure to ask your doctor about sampling privileges. This could ensure that you are taking the right medicine for your health!

5) Update your Medicare plan (if it applies): 

At Senior Benefit Services, our agents are authorized to evaluate our clients’ medication needs and find a plan that is fitting for them. When it comes to prescription plans, what your spouse and friends use may not be the best option for you! Although Plan D prices vary by year, our agents are meeting with clients to pick the most suitable prescription plan.

6) Use GoodRX:

Using GoodRX can be one of the easiest ways to save money on prescriptions. When you sign up at GoodRX, you’ll have access to price comparisons to your local pharmacies. Additionally, GoodRX provides its members with coupons for several medications!

7) Get extra help:

If you happen to fall into the donut hole of paying expensive prescriptions, you can obtain help from social services. Find out if you qualify for extra benefits by calling the Missouri Department of Social Services: 800-392-2161 or the Health Colorado Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program: 888-696-7213.

Written by Daniela Correa


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