August is a hot month (literally), but also when referring to the travel scene. Families, couples, and individuals all around the U.S. will pack up their bags to enjoy the last full month of summer before the new school year begins.

To help ease the process of planning for this, we’ve put together some pro-packing tips / hacks:

  1. Make a list! This seems like an easy one, but it can help ensure nothing is forgotten.
  2. Charge up all your electronics the night before you leave. 
  3. Roll your clothes – we have a couple team members who have personally tried this. It not only helps save space, but if you take the time to roll it correctly, it can help with wrinkles, too! 
  4. If flying, wear some of your bulkier items (outwear, chunky shoes, etc) to save space in your luggage.
  5. Place a few dryer sheets in your bag to help make everything smell fresh and clean when you go to wear it.
  6. Choose articles of clothing that you can mix and match together to create different outfits. Jeans are especially easy to wear a few times with different tops, and adding a jacket or cardigan can create a new outfit as well. 
  7. Don’t underestimate the power of items you already have on hand in your kitchen / bathroom. Cling wrap can be used to pack necklaces without tangling, and it can also be placed under caps to your shampoo and body wash to help prevent any leaks or spills. Sandwich baggies can also help with any spillage of liquids, and they are a good aid in helping keep like-items together. Finally, shower caps are an easy tool to help keep the dirt from your shoes off the rest of your belongings. 
  8. An oversized scarf can double as fashion and warmth in the form of a blanket for travel. 
  9. Use items you’re packing to hold other items – for example, you can put your socks inside your shoes, smaller items inside of hats, and toiletries inside a travel water bottle. 
  10. Be prepared, but not OVERLY prepared. Most likely, wherever you’re going will have stores that carry anything you may need. Vacation should be a time to decompress, so leave the stress at home and go make the very best memories!


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