September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month, and you may be wondering: Do I really need it? 

Are you one or more of the following? 

1. A parent

2. A grandparent

3. A business owner

4. Married

5. Single

6. Providing or caring for others

7. A homeowner

8. Have other debts / liabilities

9. Wanting a proper funeral service / burial

10. Looking to pass on your legacy

Then yes, you need life insurance!

We get it… Life Insurance (or any insurance for that matter) is not something most people like thinking about or want to take the time to plan for, but there are some major benefits in planning for this early on. In fact, it can be one of the most important purchases you will ever make. 

For one, life can throw us unexpected curveballs at any moment. This policy can be a major safety net for you and your family. When you feel unprepared for everything that may be happening, life insurance can be the one thing you are certain of. And if you worry about it now, you don’t have to worry about it later.

Two, have you seen the recent prices of funeral / cremation / and other memorial services? Paying for any of that out-of-pocket can be a financial burden to many. Not to mention the time taken off work, travel expenses, income loss, outstanding debts, and taking on any new responsibilities that the loss of the loved one may leave you with. 

And three, this coverage doesn’t usually come with the big price tag you may be imagining. Sometimes, just giving up a couple of lattes per month can give you a lifetime of financial security and peace of mind. Everyone’s situation is different and we can help you put together a plan specifically for your needs and budget. 

Invest in yourself, invest in your family, and invest in your future.

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