January 10, 2018

Tips & Tricks

Start your NEW YEAR off right!

  1. Start your day by stretching
    • Stretching wakes you up, improves flexibility, helps circulation, and gives you more energy.
  1. Push your alarm back 1 minute every day
    • This will help you transition into getting up bright and early.
  1. Put unhealthy food low in your fridge
    • Studies show less food and drink is consumed if it’s harder to get to.
  1. De-Clutter your life / house
    • Find a “purge list” online and make a check list for de-cluttering each month. This will keep you feeling fresh all year!
  1. Revisit old photographs
    • Looking at personal photos has been shown to boost moods more than eating chocolate, watching TV, or listening to music.
  1. Simple Savings
    • Start envelopes for vacation, holidays, etc. Put a little money / spare change in the envelopes each month rather than coming up with it all at once.

  1. The 1% Trick
    • Don’t go from 0 to 100. Take each day to implement a little something more towards your goal (Exercise, Diet, Etc.)
  1. Write out your goals
    1. And print a couple copies. It’s easy to forget about them if they’re only in your mind—this will help hold you accountable.
  1. Yearly Homeowners maintenance
    • Plan the year with a monthly To-Do list for household upkeep. This is less overwhelming than doing it all at once.
  1. Plan weekends ahead of time
    • Anticipating a fun event boosts overall happiness, so plan a weekend adventure early in the week.
  1. Limit your spending to budgeted amounts
    • Budget for eating out, clothes, entertainment, etc. Buy AMEX gift cards each month w/ balances dedicated to that, and don’t spend beyond that gift card!
  1. Make your bed everyday
    • Making your bed gives you a feeling of accomplishment and is correlated with better productivity / less stress & could lead to other good habits.

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